Master's Course - Neurocognitive Psychology

Welcome to the website of the Research Master's programme Neurocognitive Psychology!

We offer a comprehensive two-year programme in cognitive psychology and neuroscience with lots of hands-on experience.

International students are very welcome: As one of the very few psychology Master's programmes in Germany taught entirely in English.

Check out the website and feel free to contact us for questions about the Master's course




The orientation week for new students will take place October 9 - 13, 2017. Check the schedule below.

Enrolment for international students: October 10, 8.30h in room A6 0-001! Please bring all requested documents.

The official introduction to the Master's programme will take place on October 10, 10-13h in room A6 0-001.

Lectures will start October 16, 2017.


programme coordinator:

Dr. Kerstin Bleichner


+49 (0)441-798 2947

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