10.11.701 Digital Competence and Educational Technology in Schools


  • Montag: 08:00 - 10:00, wöchentlich


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This course is an introduction to the concept of digital competence and the educational use of technologies and media (Information and Communication Technologies, ICT), in the context of schools. Topics as the teachers and students’ digital competence, the design of student-centred learning activities with ICT to promote autonomy and creativity, digital ethics regarding rights, privacy and safety, the creation of different educational resources and learning scenarios using ICT or the development of the digital identity as a teacher, will be covered.

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This course is expected to be conducted mostly through the form of workshops or hand-on exercises with computers, although a theoretical perspective of the topics through analysis and discussions will be present as well, following a research-based learning approach. Students must bring their own technological devices (Tablet, Laptop).


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