Semester: Sommersemester 2015

3.02.160 S Bilingualism: Different Modes of "Bilingualism"


  • Dienstag: 10:00 - 12:00, wöchentlich


The seminar will discuss mechanism of language acquisition and of bilingual acquisition in particular. Different forms of bilingualism and ways to describe them will be in the focus. Thus we will investigate L1 and L2 acquisition, contrast bilingualism from birth with adult and child L2 acquisition. Central to the seminar will be linguistic models of acquisition which are designed to capture similarities and differences in these acquisition modes, as well as data analyses and findings from recent research.
We will discuss the consequences of such findings for educational policies and investigate the situations in other countries.

Active participation is required and will be negotiated. Reading the respective literature or preparing data for the sessions is an integral part of the course.

Guasti, M.-T. 2002. Language Acquisition: The Growth of Grammar. MIT Press. Chapter 1 and chapter on bilingualism.



  • ang616 Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics
  • PB 195a Erweiterte anglophone Sprach- und Kulturkompetenz
  • PB 195b Erweiterte anglophone Sprach- und Kulturkompetenz
  • pb113 Erweiterte anglophone Sprach- und Kulturkompetenz
  • pb114 Erweiterte anglophone Sprach- und Kulturkompetenz


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