3.02.308 DS Directed Studies


  • Dienstag: 14:00 - 16:00, wöchentlich


This course is designed for students preparing to write their final thesis (BA or MA) in the field of Didactics. Looking for suitable and, above all, viable topics, presenting first ideas and subsequently coming up with a plan on how to carry out your actual research will be at the centre of the preparatory process.
Candidates will be required to submit and present different types of documents, e.g. literature overview, research proposal, abstract, etc.
You will be working independently outside class, preparing findings to peers and supervisors on a regular basis. Standards of academic research and writing will be discussed in plenary sessions.
Students are expected to use feedback constructively and thus gradually commit to a final version of their research project.

Please take note of the documents uploaded to studip ("Dateien").



  • ang510 Recherche-Modul
  • bam Bachelorarbeitsmodul
  • mam Masterarbeitsmodul

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