5.06.901 Rural Energy Supply


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Case study on a real-life project (group work): Coffee Roasting with Solar Energy in Peru
- Introduction to the project
- Introduction to seminar concept and structure, relationship between seminar and project, clarification of concepts
- Definition of problem(s) in a specific area related to the project:

- Engineering: identify technology/engineering relevant aspects of the project
- Economics & Business Administration: project financing, regulatory framework
- Social Aspects: gender, migration
- Environmental Aspects: environmental assessment (e.g. life cycle assessment)
- Definition of specific learning outcomes
- Comprehensive report writing and presentation regarding a specific dimension of the project

Learning Objectives:
After successful completion of the module students should be able to:
- critically evaluate the impact of an energy supply system for a developing region regarding its technical, economic, environmental and social dimension
- perform an in-depth analysis, focussing on either a technical, economic, environmental or social dimension for the implementation of a renewable energy supply system in a developing region
- perform a literature review on a selected topic to a professional standard
- present data, information and evaluation both verbally and in the written form to a professional standard
- work in groups to identify and discuss relevant aspects of a project




  • pre190 Specialisation
  • wir915 Erneuerbare Energiesysteme
  • wir919 Topics in Sustainability Economics and Management I


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