Semester: Sommersemester 2015

4.02.045 More than mere Technicalities. World War II and its Technology


  • Mittwoch: 10:00 - 12:00, wöchentlich


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Without the shadow of a doubt, World War II was a political and ideological conflict. At the same time, it was undoubtedly a technological war, too. In current memory culture, factual and imaginary weapon systems – from the Hiroshima Bomb and V-Weapons to UFOs – play a major role for doc-umentary formats such as Discovery Channel's “Nazi Ufo Conspiracy”. World War II was not re-stricted to the concrete theatres of war, but it took place in different media, such as the radio and the cinema, too. Furthermore, World War II was a war of technological deception and exposure, as the film “The Imitation Game” has recently taught film-goers around the world.
We will deal with these and further issues in our seminar about “World War II and its Technology”. The idea is to, to follow a broad understanding of the term technology and learn more about the socio-technical arrangements of World War II beyond a mere study of technological innovations or the firepower of tanks.
+ Please note that the language used in the seminar as well as in your papers and presentations has to be English. +



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