3.02.503 SÜ Praxisteilmodul (Gym/WiPäd)


  • Fr , 28.04.2017 14:00 - 18:00
  • Mittwoch: 18:00 - 20:00, wöchentlich


Against the backdrop of current research in Didactics, students are expected to analyse teaching and learning materials as well as (excerpts from) current textbooks. The communicative approach towards language teaching but also the most recent trends in task-based language learning will serve as basis for an in-depth look into the requirements and realities of language learning classrooms.
The development of units of work and lesson plans will be informed by research in the field so that theories of language learning and teaching can be critically applied to a selection of tasks, resources and ideas for projects.
Lesson planning involves
• realistic target setting,
• allowing for differentiation,
• an appropriate choice of materials and media
• as well as devising appropriate assessment strategies.
Schemes of work submitted by students will be put under close scrutiny by peers and the lecturer in order to determine their viability in the classroom. Ideally, concepts and strategies will be put into practice during subsequent internships.

Assessment format:
-in mid-term you are expected to prove your planning skills by handing in a short assignment on a material / a topic as part of a unit of work
-towards the end of term you are asked to submit a more comprehensive analysis of a topic or a task and- evolving from this - a lesson plan



  • ang701 English Language Teaching
  • ang702 English Language Teaching


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