Semester: Wintersemester 2014/2015

4.02.055 Poland within her international relations between 1918 and 1939


  • Montag: 08:00 - 10:00, wöchentlich


Bitte belegen Sie dieses Seminar zusammen mit der Vorlesung Nr. 4.02.041.
Poland's restitution as a sovereign state at the end of WW I, the second republic of Poland in her development, her challenges and her fall at the beginning of WW II will form the subject of this seminar. Main emphasis will be given to Poland's international relations and Poland's foreign policy, thus aiming at an increased unterstanding of Poland's interactions within the international system between the two great wars. What facts, ideas and interests influenced Polish international activities? What actions taken by the great powers and by Poland's neighbours had an effect on Polish foreign policy? What were the intentions and effects of polish protagonists in this period of time? How did historians in various countries and at different periods assess the Polish policy of this era? These questions will lead to a better unterstanding of international relations in and around Poland, to take one's bearings in a mutitude of diverging historical viewpoints and improve the capability to express oneself in a foreign scientific language.
The required exam will be a seminar paper, either in English or in German The required size depends of the creditpoints alloted: 4-6 KP: 10-15 pages, 7-9 KP: 15-20 pages.
Participants will also engage in lecture 4.02.041



  • AM 5 Osteuropäische Geschichte nach 1500
  • ges152 Osteuropäische Geschichte der Neuzeit
  • ges153 Osteuropäische Geschichte der Neuzeit
  • ges154 Osteuropäische Geschichte der Neuzeit
  • GM 3 Das frühneuzeitliche Europa als Musterbuch der Moderne