5.02.705 R für Fortgeschrittene: Problemlösung und effizientes Arbeiten


  • Mittwoch: 14:00 - 16:00, wöchentlich


In a series of seminars, the students will become acquainted with advanced R techniques including, but not limited to, database management (the dplyr suite), advanced plotting techniques (both base R and ggplot), and methods to speed up simulation and R code in general (e.g. tapply, and parallelization). Furthermore, each seminar we will discuss a problem of one of the students, such that at the end of the course, students not only have advanced their knowledge of R, but have also been given solutions to their specific problems. Students will actively participate by providing problems encountered in R, and by jointly searching for solutions for these problems. A key focus of the bi-weekly meetings will be on promoting active discussion by all participants, and to jointly develop a general approach to how to use R efficiently in research



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Basic experience with R

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This course will be in English. We will explore the many possibilities that R has to offer, not only statistics, but also in plotting, data management and data visualization.

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