Semester: Sommersemester 2015

3.02.190 S Teaching for Communicative Competence


  • Dienstag: 10:00 - 12:00, wöchentlich


This course aims to provide:

  • an overview of the development of ELT syllabus design and different methodological approaches, including: formal, functional, task-based, content- based, extracurricular
  • an exploration of the relationship between intercultural learning and foreign language learning
  • an overview and critical appraisal of developments in ELT methodology, including humanistic approaches, task-based methodology, communicative methodology
Learning Outcomes
The successful student will:
  • have a broad knowledge and understanding of principles and practice of intercultural learning in the ELT classroom
  • develop a critical awareness and understanding of the rationales and principles behind different methodological approaches to intercultural learning within the ELT-framework in Germany
  • be able to analyse teaching and learning activities and materials, and recognise critical features of intercultural learning



  • ang619 Contexts of Language Teaching and Learning
  • PB 195a Erweiterte anglophone Sprach- und Kulturkompetenz
  • PB 195b Erweiterte anglophone Sprach- und Kulturkompetenz
  • pb113 Erweiterte anglophone Sprach- und Kulturkompetenz
  • pb114 Erweiterte anglophone Sprach- und Kulturkompetenz


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