Veranstaltungen des Instituts für Sozialwissenschaften

Vortrag von Dr. Adam Gendzwill von der Polnischen Akademie der Wissenschaften in Warschau

03. Dezember 2015, 14:00 , 16:00

Organisator:  Institut Sowi
Ort:  Campus Haarentor, Gebäude A6 4-411

Dr. Gendzwill wird einen Vortrag zum folgenden Thema halten: "What do Single-Member Districts Change? An Evidence from 2014 Local Elections in Poland".



The paper assesses the recent electoral reform in Poland which introduced single-member districts in local elections. Special attention is put on the municipalities where either block-voting or PR open-list system were changed into FPTP. By comparing 2010 and 2014 local election results in a difference-in-differences research scheme, the paper attempts to estimate the impact of the reform on electoral participation, electoral supply and council fragmentation, deviations from proportionality, performance of nation-wide political parties, and female representation. The research demonstrates that the change from BV into FPTP system brought only marginal effects. The replacement of PR system by FPTP was more visible; however, some of the results depart from the conventional expectations based on the functioning of FPTP in national elections in other countries.