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Application / Entry Requirements

... Master during winter term. We recommend an intensive preparation. Tuition Fees The EUREC Agency sets different tution fees for European and Non-European citizens. Please check the   current fees . Application The application process for the European Master in ...


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... during my studies with PPRE? Is there an application fee? How can I apply? Please apply online only. The ... there is no way for us to give individual feedback since we receive hundreds of applications each ... - in mid to late December. You will be asked to give feedback if you would like to be re-considered for the ... you will be disqualified. You will then get


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Support for International Students

... items, like scholarships, other funding possibilities, student-jobs, German language classes, tuition fees, etc. the concrete content of the EUREC-Master program - Oldenburg core the specializations ... After acceptance of the candidates through EUREC-Agency and payment of the 1 st instalment fee, University of Oldenburg sends out detailed information packages to all future students ...


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