Protestant Theology and Religious Education (Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme)

Within the scope of the Dual-subject Bachelor, you can take Protestant Theology and Religious Education

  • as a primary or secondary dual subject (60 ECTS) or
  • as a Minor (30 ECTS) combined with a Major

Protestant Theology and Religious Education can be studied either in connection with a non-school related career goal or as a professional teaching qualification. If you want to become a teacher, you must follow the combinations of subjects (in German) for each teaching position.

Orientation and Goals

Theology can be understood as the critical and scientific examination and methodical interpretation of the Christian faith in dialogue with itself and with other confessions and religions, with reference to their historical development and present manifestations. This programme in Protestant Theology and Religious Education at the University of Oldenburg is designed to provide a historical understanding of theology and religious issues, as well as a constant critical dialogue with current historical, philosophical, social-scientific, political and cultural trends. In addition to dialogue and discourse within the field and with other academic areas, this programme also offers a religious education component, which facilitates the integration of practical, professional, and career fields.

Foreign Language Skills

Students interested in the Master of Education for teaching in the Gymnasium require Biblical Hebrew or Ancient Greek and Latin (qualifications such as the 'Hebraicum' or the 'Graecum' and the 'Kleines Latinum' or equivalent knowledge) in addition to the basic curriculum. These language skills can be acquired in language module offered within the department. For those studying the Old and the New Testament, a basic knowledge of the biblical languages is strongly recommended.

In order to study this course at the University of Oldenburg as a student from outside of Germany, you need an adequate knowledge of German.

German Language Proficiency
You can proof your German language proficiency with the following language certificates:
  • DSH: Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (Level 2)
  • TestDaF: Test – Deutsch als Fremdsprache (with level 4 in all four areas)

The proof of language proficiency must be presented for the enrolment. For other proof possiblities see: Language requirements

Careers and Areas of Employment

Prospective careers include further education, media, advertising, parties and associations, and religious, national, and international organisations.

If students are interested in a non-school-related goal, more information can be found at the professional field of Protestant Theology (in German).

Further Information

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Facts and Data

  • 6 semesters
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • German
  • admission free