Labor für Sprach- und Musikforschung

PhD Students:

Atty Schouwenaars, working on PhD "Children's use of morphosyntactic cues"

Mari Chanturidze, working on PhD "Acquisition of linguistic structures in abnormal auditory perception: the availability of prepositions in hearing impaired children".


Rebecca Carroll, working as postdoctoral research associate in Psycholinguistics
in the cluster of excellence Hearing4all.

István Fekete works as a postdoctoral research associate in Psycholinguistics and as a scientific associate for statistical-empirical support at the Faculty of Humanities. His postdoctoral research involves the investigation of wh-questions in German.

Ankelien Schippers is a postdoctoral researcher working on movement assymetries and intervention.

Margreet Vogelzang is working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Dutch Studies of the University of Oldenburg and the in the cluster of excellence Hearing4all, in close cooperation with the labs of Biological Psychology and Applied Neurocognitive Psychology. 

Former PhD Students:

Angela Jochmann, working on Phd "The effects of time-manipulated speech on comprehension of syntactic complexity in agrammatic aphasia" (defence September 2016)

Hendrikje Ziemann, working on PhD "Pronoun processing by adult second language learners" (defence August 2016, currently at the Hochschule Neubrandenburg)

Sara Jonkers, working on PhD "Modal verbs in Dutch first language acquisition"(defence October 2013)

Rebecca Carroll, working on PhD "Understanding Speech in Noise at the Syntax-Prosody Interface"(defense June 2012)

PI in Cluster of Excellence Hearing for All

The Interdisciplinary AULIN Project

Mitglied in Forschungseinrichtungen:

Research Center Neurosensory Science
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
D - 26111 Oldenburg