Veranstaltungen des Instituts für Musik

An Introduction to Music and Medicine

22. April 2015, 12:00 , 14:00

Mrs. Daisy Fancourt, Research Associate
Centre for Performance Science, Imperial College / Royal College of Music London, UK
Research into the health benefits of music has rapidly expanded over the last decade, with studies as diverse as the playing of war songs to improve walking in Parkinson’s patients, to the singing of lullabies to help premature babies gain weight, to the use of pop music to increase speed and accuracy in operating theatres. As a result of these studies, the use of music as an adjunct to conventional treatment and even on prescription is gaining in status within healthcare systems internationally. This talk will consist of two parts. The first will consider the historical origins of the use of music in medicine and examine some 'spotlights' on research topics within the field including evolutionary perspectives of music and early life, cognitive effects of music in dementia, physiological effects of music on motor, pharmacological effects of music in surgery, and the biology of music and chronic disease. This will be illustrated with case studies of active music programmes running in the UK. The second part of the talk will focus in particular on the psychobiological effects of music including the impact on stress hormones and components of the immune system and examine in detail the results from a 2-year clinical trial exploring the effects of music on psychological state and inflammatory immune response in mental health patients.
Campus Haarentor
Studio E (A9)
Mittwoch, 22. April 2015, 12-14h
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gez. Prof. Dr. Gunter Kreutz, Fakultät III, Institut für Musik