Medizinische Physik

Neurosensory Science and Systems

This section is a common roof for several research projects in auditory neuroscience. The main goal of our research is to find neural correlates of psychoacoustic performance for human listeners. The background is to try and increase our knowledge of how the auditory system as a whole transforms the mechanical vibrations entering the ears into the actual representaion that we hear, that is some sort of neural representation of the incoming sound in the cortex. Our research covers topics like sound localisation, loudness perception, pitch perception, and amplitude and frequeny fluctuations of sounds. Our methods include psychophysics, EEG recording and functional MR imaging of the auditory system. There is a big overlap with the section working on Binaural Processing, regarding both the methods and the people involved.

People involved are:

Dr. Stefan Uppenkamp
Dr. Manfred Mauermann
Helge Lüddemann
Alexandra Papakonstantinou
Dorothea Wendt
David Nguyen

Our work is supported by different public sector funding bodies. The main source of funding at this moment is the "Sonderforschungbereich Neurokognition", a joint project with the University of Bremen.


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