Medieninformatik und Multimedia-Systeme

Bild I'm a research assistant in the Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems Group. My interest for Human-Computer Interaction emerged during my university studies in Computer Science at the University of Oldenburg which I finished receiving a Diplom. In my final thesis, I focused on formal methods for the usability evaluation of interactive systems based on task analyses. My HCI research is focussed on the design of and the interaction with everyday wearable user interfaces. In particular, I am interested in wearable ambient displays, light displays, and persuasive user interfaces. I apply my research to the domain of health and well-being.  In my doctoral thesis, I investigate in how far functional technology can be integrated into fashionable jewellery. Discreetly integrated into everyday life, this smart digital jewellery offers the potential to increase long-term acceptance of wearables.

To ensure that my concepts and prototypes are usable and designed in a human-centered way, I involve end users and domain experts in various stages of development. I am experienced in interviews, participatory design, usability testing, eye tracking studies, and field studies. I also employ inspection methods, such as heuristic evaluation, cognitive walthrough, and hierarchical task analysis.  I was involved in national and European research projects, in which we, e.g., investigated advanced Human-Computer Interaction for satellite mission and control. 


University of Oldenburg

Department of Computing Science
Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems
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