Wirtschaftsinformatik / Very Large Business Applications

Business Intelligence

The Department of Business Information Systems / Very Large Business Applications (VLBA) of the University of Oldenburg has, as a scientific initiator a major focus on the contemplation of corporation-wide organisational, cross-organisational, and inter-organisational information systems with a focus on Business Intelligence Solutions.

In this framework, several courses at the university and at the academy of cooperative education (Berufsakademie) have been carried out and numerous theses (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph. D.) have been conducted. As well as other standard solutions SAP BW has been a major focal point within these courses and theses.

The department is affiliated with the SAP UCC and the SAP BI Roundtable. Thus the latest technologies in the SAP environment are available for research and teaching. Through extensive cooperation and exchange with universities around the world, as well as the employment of various guest Ph. D. candidates in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the international nature of the research and "thinking outside the box" are secured.

Forschungsschwerpunkte (Auszug)

  • Strategische Unternehmensplanung in Data Warehouse-Umgebungen
  • Einsatz von Data Warehouse-Technologie für die Entwicklung von kennzahlbasierten
  • Einsatz von Business Intelligence-Lösungen in der Lehre
  • Rahmenbedingungen und Einsatzrichtilinien von Business Intelligence
  • Informationsvisualisierung in der Business Intelligence
  • Optimierungspotentiale beim Reporting durch die Verwendung von Microsoft .NET
    Technologien in Verbindung mit dem SAP BW