Wirtschaftsinformatik / Very Large Business Applications

Big Data Analysis

Big Data phenomena is getting a lot of attention from the academia and industry. And one of the most interesting aspects of the Big Data is the analysis part. The analytical part of the Big Data brings significant business added value in terms of new knowledge for better decision performing and as a result is very demanding. The other side of the Big Data Analysis utilization is to help in creation of a brand new business models and concepts such that they are heavily driven by data. In this sense, the role of the academia is to explore the new research domain with accuracy, bring experience of data analysis from academia to the business, and answer open questions addressed by business. The focus of the VLBA is to use ideas behind Big Data Analysis with help of multiple ICT technologies, which are becoming de-facto standards of the Big Data domain. Big Data related research activities within the VLBA are based on the a various ICT tools, such as Distributed Data Storage and Processing (e.g., in-house Apache Hadoop) and In-Memory Computing (e.g., SAP HANA Appliance), and various expertise domains, such as energy, mobility, ERP etc. Besides research activities, the VLBA is embedding Big Data concepts to its teaching activities, mainly as a main direction of the bachelor and master level thesis and as a 1 year project group topics.