A Conceptual Framework for Devising Adaptive User Interfaces to Improve the Usability of Mobile ERP

02. Februar 2017, 16:00 , 17:30

Veranstalter:  Khalil Omar Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Ort:  V02-0-003

One of the major types of enterprise applications is enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems), and many research works have pointed out that ERP systems suffer from poor usability due to their complex, rigid, and bloated user interfaces (UIs).
Nowadays, it is noted the increasing demands to access ERP systems via mobile devices such as smartphones, mobile full-screen phones, tablet computers, and mobile handheld computers. Mobile applications that enable to manipulate ERP func-tionalities to perform flexible actions and reactions are called mobile ERP applications.
Mobile ERP has become a core requirement for enterprises that have ERP systems, due to the benefits that can be reaped from this model such as higher operational efficiencies and effectiveness, reducing some costs, real-time visibility and traceability, and better decision making.
However, mobile ERP is still a young topic in research and practice, and there is a knowledge gap in the literature regarding the usability of mobile ERP, while usability is considered a critical success factor for any software application.
Mobile ERP is an extension of ERP systems, therefore, several potential usability challenges that might hinder the sustaina-bility of the mobile ERP model, due to the usability challenges that could be inherited from ERP system, and the impact of the mobile context of use.
Consequently, this research aims to improve the usability of mobile ERP by addressing its potential usability challenges, therefore, five research studies were conducted in order to construct a conceptualisation of the usability challenges of mobile ERP by:
- Identifying the usability challenges of mobile HCI and ERP systems.
- Identifying the usability challenges of mobile ERP from the reality of business practices.
- Identifying a usability evaluation method that can be used to evaluate the usability of mobile ERP applications.
Adaptive user interfaces (AUIs) approach has been exploited in many research works as a mean to improve the usability of software applications. Therefore, this approach has been exploited in this research to address the usability challenges of mo-bile ERP that have been identified from the aforementioned research studies. Thus, a computational framework was developed for devising AUIs for mobile ERP applications, this framework determines:
- The adapted constituents that can be exploited within the context of this research.
- The information that is considered for the adaptation processes within the context of this research.
- The adaptation methods and techniques that can be exploited in the domain of mobile ERP.
- The adaptive system architecture that can operate the adaptation processes within the context of this research.
The final phase of this research aims to evaluate the usability improvements of mobile ERP application after implementing the identified framework.
Betreuer: Prof. Dr. -Ing. Jorge Marx Gómez