Universitätsklinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie

Seminar: fMRI Data Analysis with FSL

FSL is a set of software tools for the analysis of fMRI, structural and DTI data. The goal of this seminar is to learn the basic steps of fMRI analysis, including preprocessing, first level analysis and higher level analysis.

Date: Every second Tuesday, starting the 13th of September 2016, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Place: Conference Room, University Clinic, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Karl-Jaspers-Klinik, Hermann-Ehlers-Str. 7, 26160 Bad Zwischenahn

Instructor: Dr. Peter Sörös (peter.soeroes(at)uol.de)


September 13, 2016

- Short charcterization of the major software packages for fMRI analysis (FSL, SPM, AFNI, BrainVoyager)

- File formats in fMRI research (DICOM, Analyze, nifti)

- Visualization of structural and functional data sets with FSLview


September 27, 2016

- Preprocessing strategies in FSL (head motion correction, smoothing, filtering)


October 11, 2016

- Preprocessing: motion correction, registration


October 25, 2016

- Introduction to the general linear model (GLM).

- First-level analysis with FEAT.


November 8, 2016

- First-level and higher-level analysis with FEAT.


November 22, 2016

- Hands-on data analysis of fMRI data sets with FEAT.



Useful links

Jenkinson M, Beckmann CF, Behrens TEJ, Woolrich MW, Smith SM. FSL. Neuroimage 2012; 62(2):782-90: This is the most recent review paper on FSL. Download pdf

FSL homepage

FEAT introduction

FEAT user guide