Pathfinder through the funding maze - Kompass durch den Förderdschungel

You seek sources of funding for independent research, fellowships, your own position, and other scholarly activities? In this workshop we will give you an overview over different funding opportunities (local, national and international) and provide more details on a number of selected programs. Topics will be:

·         how to find appropriate funding opportunities,

·         and how does the granting process work?

Early career academics of the University of Oldenburg at all levels are welcome to attend the Workshop Pathfinder through the funding maze.

The workshop will be held in English. This course will be offered again in autumn in German.



Since 2014 Dörte Dannemann has been working as a project officer at the Office of European Affairs (part of the Department for Research and Technology Transfer) and advises researchers on European funding opportunities. After a traineeship in banking, she studied International Cultural and Business Studies and Regional Management and Business Development, both focused on European integration and European research funding. The Office of European Affairs is the university’s service point for EU research funding and supports researchers during all phases of research projects: proposal, project implementation and final (financial) reporting.



Bärbel Rieckmann

Bärbel Rieckmann has been an officer for national research funding at the Department for Research and Technology Transfer at the University of Oldenburg since 2011.  After finishing her studies in Linguistics, Phonetics and Computer Science, she coordinated a Collaborative Research Centre at the University of Hamburg for 10 years.  In 2009 she earned her MBA in Higher Education and Research Management in a studying besides working-programme. Ms Rieckmann offers support for scientists and scholars in all matters related to national research funding, the main focus of her work lies in the support and advice for early career researchers who prepare a funding proposal.