Prof. Dr. Benjamin Marschke

Vertretungsprofessor im Sommersemester 2016
für Frau Prof. Dr. Dagmar Freist

Benjamin Marschke (PhD UCLA) is a Professor of History at Humboldt State University, in Arcata, California. 

Marschke has held fellowships from the DAAD, the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, and the Max Planck Institut für Geschichte. 

Marschke is the author of Absolutely Pietist: Patronage, Factionalism, and State-Building in the Early Eighteenth-Century Prussian Army Chaplaincy (2005), a co-editor of The Holy Roman Empire, Reconsidered (2010), a co-author of Experiencing the Thirty Years War, with Hans Medick (2013), a co-editor of Kinship, Community, and Self:  Essays in Honor of David Warren Sabean (2015), and a co-editor of Francke und seine Könige (forthcoming 2016), and Pietismus und Ökonomie (forthcoming 2016). 

Marschke's research focus has been Halle Pietists at the Prussian court and the relationship of Halle Pietism and the Prussian monarchy in the eighteenth century.  In addition to the aforementioned edited volumes, he is currently working on changes in political ceremony, gender/sexuality, luxury/money, and intellectual/academic culture in the early eighteenth century, focusing on King Frederick William I of Prussia (1713-1740). 





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