Forschungszentrum Neurosensorik

Hanse Feedback in Neuroscience

The Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) and the Research Center Neurosensory Science of Oldenburg University have created a new seminar series for young researchers in the Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences. The goal is twofold: we would like to strengthen the scientific networks of young researchers at regional institutions, and we would also like to give them an opportunity to practice presenting their projects, share methodological knowledge, and to discuss their findings in a friendly atmosphere.

In two-month intervals, a Fellow of the HWK or an external guest speaker will meet with young researchers from the region working on related topics. The group will be kept deliberately small to create an intense work atmosphere, including a lecture of the guest speaker, presentations of the students and discussions of their projects with the speaker and other students.

Later on, we plan to invite pairs of renowned researchers holding opposed viewpoints in a current scientific controversy. They will present their work in short antithetic lectures, followed by a general discussion.

Registration is required, and those students who would like to actively participate by presenting their projects would have to submit an abstract beforehand. Emails with information on the upcoming speaker and topic and describing the registration procedure will be sent prior to each session.

The seminar will take place on the last Tuesday of each odd-numbered month with the following agenda:

  • 14.00h -15.00h Presentation of the Fellow/ guest speaker
  • 15.00h -15.30h Coffee break
  • 15.30h -17.30h Presentations of regional PhD-students

Below we listed potential speakers and topics (not all are confirmed yet) - this schedule is tentative so far and subject to change depending on availability of speakers.


Research project


P. Garriga

HWK Fellow

G-protein coupled receptors and the nervous system: the case of rhodopsin and retinal diseases


C. Carr & G. Ashida

HWK Fellows

Altered auditory experience during early development of the barn owl induces map plasticity for interaural time differences in brain stem nuclei


M. Nadin

HWK Fellow

Anticipation Scope and Anticipatory Profile (experiments to provide evidence of the variety of forms in which anticipation is expressed in human actions)


K. Forbus/ D. Gentner

HWK Fellows

Spatial reasoning & learning spatial language


T. Senior

HWK Fellow

A performative approach to the simulation of neural networks



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