Kursangebot im Bereich Englisch

The Sprachenzentrum offers a wide variety of courses across the competence levels from A1 to C2 (CEF) to empower you to use English proficiently and effectively in a variety of contexts relevant to you.

All students interested in developing their general knowledge of English can take General English intensive courses at all levels (Anfänger, Basismodul, Aufbaumodul, Vertiefungsmodul) during the semester break ("vorlesungsfreie Zeit"). The Basismodul is also offered as a course during the semester.

All students interested in applying their knowledge of English to their university studies can take an Academic English skills course at middle (Aufbaumodul) and advanced level (Vertiefungsmodul), both during the semester.

All students interested in apply their knowledge of English to work or business contexts can take a Business English skills course at an advanced level during the semester.

In support of the Academic and Business courses, all students have the chance to complement their studies by signing in on FutureLearn, a digital learning platform which offers a wide range of free, high quality online-based courses created by leading universities and other cultural institutions. https://www.futurelearn.com/


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Koordination Englischkurse

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