Environmental and Development Economics

Prof. Dr. Klaus Eisenack

Klaus Eisenack is Professor for Resource Economics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin since March 2016. Please reach him with the email address: klaus.eisenack(at)hu-berlin.de

The Environment and Development Economics team is mainly working on the economics of climate change, in particular adaptation to climate change. The focus is on instruments for strongly regulated sectors with long-living infrastructure, such as the energy and transport sectors. Further research areas are international environmental agreements and modeling of policy instruments.

The combination of both research areas - i.e. environment and development economics - emphasises the strong economic relationship between industrialised countries that contribute disproportionately to climate change and vulnerable countries in the south that face the main burden of global warming.

Driven by different academic backgrounds (economics, mathematics, physics, and political science) the research team pursues an interdisciplinary approach. Both qualitative methods and mathematical modelling (e.g. game theory) are applied.




The Paper "Explaining and overcoming barriers to climate change adaptation" was published in the Journal Nature Climate Change in September:

Eisenack, K., S. Moser, E. Hoffmann, R. Klein, C. Oberlack, A. Pechan, M. Rotter, and C. Termeer (2014) Explaining and overcoming barriers to climate change adaptation, Nature Climate Change 4, 867–872.




Prof. Dr. Klaus Eisenack

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