Welcome to the website of the Equal Opportunites Office in the Department of Business Administration, Economics, and Law.

We are a representative group concerned with furthering the interests of equality on all levels of the faculty. We are also here for all women working in Faculty II. Employees and students can direct any questions or complaints they may have to us. We are dedicated to solving problems, and are bound to confidentiality. In order to ensure a rapid response to your query, we invite you to contact the appropriate contact person using our overview.

Additionally, we are involved in all employment activities (hiring, etc.) in the department. (See the overview for procedures.)

You can find more information and links (in German) concerning the activities of and services offered by the departmental Equal Opportunities Office for Business Administration, Economics, and Law, as well as the central Equal Opportunities Office.

We would also like to thank all those who have helped support and draft the current advancement plan for women in Faculty II.