Doctorates and Post-doctoral Fellowships (Habilitations)

Doctorates and Habilitations are arranged through personal contact with professors in the respective research area. These must be faculty members in the department of business, economics and law and willing to supervise thesis work in doctoral research (Dr. rer. pol. and Dr. jur.) or post-doctoral research (Habilitation).

Once an academic supervisor has been found, candidates should proceed to be admitted to doctoral studies (see below) and/or doctoral examinations (Promotion), or Habilitation procedures.

The department offers two doctoral studies programmes:

  • TELIS (Transnational Economics and Law in the Information Society)
  • UNA (Environmental and Sustainability Economics and Management) 

For further information please visit their websites.

For administrative queries regarding admission to doctoral studies, doctoral examination (Promotion) and habilitation procedures please contact Mrs. Heide Elsner.


Habilitationsordung at the University of Universität Oldenburg