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As members and affiliates of the Institute of Theology and Religious Education we understand Protestant Theology as a scientific and critical discussion about methodological interpretations of Christian beliefs in dialogue with one's own and other denominations and religions, their historical development and current implementation.

The study of Theology and Religious Education at the University of Oldenburg aims at a historic overall comprehension of theological and religious issues and in addition wants to convey a constant critical dialogue with the present historical, philosophical, sociological, political and cultural prevailing trends.

The special profile of the study programme at the University of Oldenburg, in addition to the dialogue-participative discourse - within our own and other scientific discussion - forms the religious education component that establishes a closer commitment to practice, professional and working fields. Research or project-oriented forms of teaching and learning are part of the study concept.

As an educational institute for the Protestant religion in all teaching-related BA/MA programmes (GHR (primary, secondary and comprehensive school), gymnasium, business education, special education), we represent a critical religious education that teaches theological perspectives also  in social, religious studies and cultural theory contexts. This applies equally to the non-teaching-related courses offered.

In the field of ecumenism and the institute's own project "Potentials of Christian reconciliation traditions," we have created a special profile, which, among other things finds expression in our Master's programme Ecumenism and Religions, through the participation of the Faculty in the DFG Research Training Group 1608/1 and various international contacts and co-operations.


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Institute Director
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weiß

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Prof. Dr. Ulrike Link-Wieczorek


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