Recognition of study periods and examinations

The term recognition is used if academic achievements or professional competencies which a student acquired prior to taking up his current studies, are to be incorporated into the new study program.

You can submit an application for the recognition of study periods and examinations, if you

  • have transferred to the University of Oldenburg from another university
  • have changed your combination of subjects at the University of Oldenburg
  • have studied at a university abroad
  • have professional experience which you want to have accredited

N.B. a recognition can only be processed after you are enrolled at the University of Oldenburg.

The process at a glance

1. Application

Fill out the recognition form (only in German available).

Please submit the completed recognition form and any supporting evidence of coursework and assessment to the Examinations Office. If you like to have some support by filling out the form, please come to the Examinations Office during our office hours. 

2. Review

At the Examinations Office your application will be checked for completeness and reviewed according to the relevant regulations. It will be forwarded to the appropriate subject representive (Fachvertretung).

3. Decision

The examination committee is responsible for deciding on the recognition of study periods and examinations.

4. Result

After the decision on your application you can see the accredited study periods and examinations in the grade listings in Stud.IP. You will be informed on the outcome of your application for recognition by the Examinations Office.



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