3.90.143 Discourse Analysis


  • Di , 01.11.2016 09:00 - 13:00
  • Mi , 02.11.2016 16:00 - 20:00


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Discourse Analysis is – as much as its area of interest, i.e. discourse itself –not a clearly defined concept. Much rather, whoever decides to analyze a topic or object from a discourse analytical perspective will find varying options to do so. From critical discourse analysis to linguistic discourse analysis, the methods are various and manifold. Nevertheless, the origin of this academic method has been commonly attributed to Michel Foucault and his work on human sexuality and madness, as well as on institutions for punishment and reform. Foucauldian discourse analysis – as we will conceptualize it – provides a method for bringing together statements made in different media (such as books, newspapers, comics, television and film, radio, theater, performances) in a structured manner. In our course we will briefly locate this discourse analytical approach in the context of other approaches available. In order to remain practice-oriented, we will develop a concrete set of questions which you can apply in your project and bring to whatever field you wish to intervene in – be it the realm of politics, culture or the social, if you are confronted with historical or contemporary material, if you deal with government statements, newspaper articles, television series, movies or performances.
Workload: about 50 pages of reading material, discussion of material, experimental application of discourse analytical method on selected material or within your own projects.

Foucault, Michel, 1986. The Discourse on Language. In Hazard Adams and Leeroy Searle (Ed.), Critical Theory since 1985. Talahassee: Florida State University Press, pp.148-162.

Daniel Šíp is lecturer at the Department of English and American Studies.



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