5.04.4234 Wind Physics Measurement Project


  • Mittwoch: 14:00 - 16:00, wöchentlich


Case study like problems based on real wind data will be solved on at least four important aspects in wind physics. The course will comprise lectures and assignments as well as self-contained work in groups of 3 persons.
The content consist of the following four main topics, following the chronological order of the work process:

Data handling:

  • measurements
  • measurement technology
  • handling of wind data
  • assessment of measurement artefacts in wind data
  • preparation of wind data for further processing

Energy Meteorology:
  • geographical distribution of winds
  • wind regimes on different time and length scales
  • vertical wind profile
  • distribution of wind speed
  • differences between onshore and offshore conditions.

Measure – Correlate – Predict (MCP):
  • averaging of wind data
  • bin-wise averaging of wind data
  • long term correlation and long term correction of wind data
  • sources of long term wind data.

LIDAR (Light detection and ranging):
  • analyses and conversion of data from LIDAR measurements




  • phy350 Vertiefungsmodul II
  • phy631 Advanced Metrology
  • phy653 Engineering Sciences I
  • phy654 Engineering Sciences II
  • phy655 Engineering Sciences III
  • phy662 Specialization III
  • phy663 Specialization I
  • phy664 Specialization II
  • phy665 Specialization IV
  • pre190 Specialisation



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