3.90.155 Presentation Skills


The ability to deliver a professional and effective presentation in English is becoming an important prerequisite in the world of academia and work. But what makes a good presentation? Without exception, all presentations have one thing in common – enthusiasm, both for their subject and for the business of presenting it. There are many things that contribute to the success of a presentation:

  • new and unusual content
  • a clear structure
  • a good sense of timing
  • a sensitivity for the audience
  • imaginative use of visual aids
  • the ability to project confidence and humor
  • the desire to challenge and inspire the audience

This is a 2-day course. The first day is spent considering the nature of a presentation – considering structure, content, timing, body language to name but a few. The course will be interactive and all participants can expect to be involved in presenting. The second day (four weeks later) is focussed on applying the aforementioned skills in the professional delivery of a presentation. This will have been written before the commencement of this day and will be the presentation developed by your Group for assessment on 2 December. It will act as the perfect opportunity to practice and receive feedback from the lecturer and fellow students.



  • mir120 Evaluating und Developing Research Methods for Transcultural Contexts


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