3.05.161 Trans-fusions?: Understanding Rap Music in Germany and the United States as Transcultural Music


  • Dienstag: 16:00 - 18:00, wöchentlich


If there is a Golden Rule in hip-hop, it’s that rap music is black. But is that really the case, or does the framing of rap as black prevent us from understanding its musical complexity? This course seeks to interrogate that core assumption by examining rap music in Germany and the United States from the point of view of transculturality. We will begin by reviewing the basics of transcultural theory, then consider in how far these theories can be applied to music and pedagogy. After looking at and listening to some fundamental texts to ask in how far rap music, even from its beginnings, can be understood as transcultural, we will move through a timeline of “greatest hits.” If hip-hop beatz can help us gain access to any number of cultures and their musical traditions, then what potential is there for rap music as a part of music education? What kinds of teaching strategies can be developed to utilize rap music in the classroom?



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