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a) Grammar and Accuracy
These sessions are aimed at students who need extra support with their English; particularly practicing specific grammatical constructions (nouns, possessives and pronouns; articles, demonstratives and quantifiers; prepositions; adjectives and adverbs; tenses). Since L1 interference is the most common cause of mistakes in English, the sessions also involve translation-based activities that highlight the differences between German and English.

b) English for Professional Purposes
Writing a cover letter / letter of motivation to an English-speaking university, writing a CV in English.

If you are in the process of applying for a work or university placement, please bring your CV or cover letter along to the relevant session. Students wishing to learn more about the application process in an English-speaking environment but not yet at the application stage will be provided with templates, models and topic-specific language.



  • ang080 Consolidated Language Skills
  • ang311 Advanced Language Skills
  • ang900 English Skills for Proficiency


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