3.02.103 Ü Spoken English: Urban Life


  • Donnerstag: 14:00 - 16:00, wöchentlich


Once plagued by large-scale riots, the crack epidemic and gang violence, American cities are now regaining their appeal among millenials, who are increasingly willing to forgo the comforts of the suburbia they grew up in in favor of the seemingly unlimited choice and opportunity of the big city. In this course students develop their speaking skills through exploring topics related to the social, cultural, natural and built environment of American cities. We will discuss the differences between American and European cities; impact of immigration on cities; sustainability of urban life; urban subcultures and other aspects. Students will gain fluency and confidence in presenting to audiences and leading group discussions, sharpen their use of grammar and expand the range of vocabulary and signposting devices in their active use.

This course forms one half of the compulsory module ang311: Integrated Language Skills. The module is assessed via a portfolio.

The assessment requirement for this Spoken English course is a 15-20 minute oral language test at the end of the semester, with the grade to be added to the result from Written English for the module total. Active participation is expected and will include one mini-presentation and one student-led group discussion.

The schedule for presentations and group discussions will be made in Week 2.



  • ang311 Advanced Language Skills


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