EN2 English for Studying at German Universities 2: Speaking and Writing in Academic Contexts


  • Dienstag: 14:00 - 16:00, wöchentlich


In some areas, university courses are regularly or entirely offered in English, and the students are required to speak, present, and write in English as well. In addition, English is often neces-sary for other activities such as office hours, emailing, or group work. This course, is therefore, designed to develop your active English language skills, and we will practice the use of English in various study-related situations. A particular focus will be on giving short class presentations and on writing course-related texts. For that purpose, we will discuss and practice typical tasks from the subjects of the course participants. In order to successfully participate in the course, a good level of English or completion of the first part of the course ("Understanding Academic Texts") is necessary (see below).

In particular, we will address the following topics:

  • understanding what is expected of you when speaking or writing in English;
  • developing a solid academic vocabulary for university study;
  • expanding your knowledge of English grammar and sentence construction;
  • overcoming anxieties when speaking or writing in English at the university;
  • using English during class discussions, group work, and related situations;
  • delivering simple class presentations in English;
  • answering questions and reacting to comments in English;
  • communicating with professors during office hours or by email;
  • writing simple, class-related texts;
  • using an appropriate academic style.

This course is designed for refugees in their Orientierungsjahr as well as for all other interna-tional students. It is a continuation of the first part "Understanding Academic Texts," and you are advised to have attended that first part before registering for this course. However, if your knowledge of English is high enough, you can also take this second part only. A mandatory placement test for that purpose will be offered before the beginning of the semester.



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