5.04.4235 Design of Wind Energy Systems


  • Dienstag: 14:00 - 16:00, wöchentlich


The students attending the course will have the possibility to expand and sharpen of their knowledge about wind turbine design from the basic courses. The lectures include topics covering the whole spectrum from early design phase to the operation of a wind turbine. Students will learn in exercises how to calculate and evaluate design aspects of wind energy converters.
At the end of the lecture, they should be able to:
+ estimate the site specific energy yield,
+ calculate the aerodynamics of wind turbines using the blade element momentum theory,
+ model wind fields to obtain specific design situations for wind turbines,
+ estimate the influence of dynamics of a wind turbine, especially in the context of fatigue loads,
+ transfer their knowledge to more complex topics such as simulation and measurements of dynamic loads,
+ calculate the economic aspects of wind turbines.

Introduction to industrial wind turbine design,
+ rotor aerodynamics and Blade Element Momentum (BEM) theory,
+ dynamic loading and system dynamics,
+ wind field modelling for fatigue and extreme event loading,
+ design loads and design aspects of onshore wind turbines,
+ simulation and measurements of dynamic loads,
+ design of offshore wind turbines,
+ power quality and grid integration on wind turbines.




  • phy350 Vertiefungsmodul II
  • phy653 Engineering Sciences I
  • phy654 Engineering Sciences II
  • phy655 Engineering Sciences III
  • phy662 Specialization III
  • phy663 Specialization I
  • phy664 Specialization II
  • phy665 Specialization IV
  • pre190 Specialisation


  • olt505 Subject-oriented techniques/ knowledge
  • olt507 Additional module "Specific knowledge"
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