Semester: Wintersemester 2016/2017

5.06.603 Hydro Power


  • Dienstag: 08:30 - 10:00, wöchentlich


Lecture Goal and Competencies:
The lecture Hydro Power I seeks to familiarize students with technological, socioeconomic and ecological aspects. Students get acquainted with basics of the technical components of Hydro Power (HP) and Ocean Power (OP) systems: their setup, their operation, their specific challenges and their linkages with one another.
At the end of this unit students may size a HP for given local geographic and hydrological conditions on a basic level. They can describe the entire setup as well as individual components. They are aware of basic challenges beyond the technical problems of HP and OP systems. Students are in the position to list advantages and disadvantages of HP and OP in comparison with other renewable energy technology.

Detailed Content*:
• 2h Theoretical background – general hydraulic terms, Bernoulli Equation, Major Empirical Formulae and their backgrounds.
• 2h Water Resource – catchment area, seasonal precipitation, flow duration curve, dam, & run off river.
• 2h Powerhouse – penstock, water hammer, cavitation, tailrace.
• 4h Turbines – main types of turbines, their characteristics & their components.
• 3h Ocean Power Overview
* indicated times are face-to-face times.



  • pre160 Biomass & Hydro Energy
  • pre316 Biomass Energy & Hydro Energy


  • Bereich Erneuerbare Energien
  • Studium generale / Gasthörstudium


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