5.04.648 Wind Energy Utilisation


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This lecture with exercises is intended as introduction into physics and engineering of wind energy utilisation. Nevertheless also social, historical and political aspects are regarded. The lecture gives a deeper understanding of physical effects, methods, calculations and parameters into the field of wind energy utilisation, wind physics and wind energy science. Experiments and exhibits are used to deliver deeper insights into the subjects of the lectures. The tutorial part consists of calculation exercises and an introduction into the common and professional software WindPro ® (subject to modifications).
Students who have attended »Wind Energy Utilisation« in the Bachelor phase should be able to directly enrol for advanced wind energy lectures in the Master phase (without attending 5.04.4061 – Wind Energy).

• The wind: generation, occurence, measurement, profiles etc.;
• Energy and power in the wind;
• Drag driven converters;
• Principle of lift driven converters;
• Dimensionless parameters and characteristic diagrams of wind turbines;
• Optimum twist and horizontal plan of the rotor blade;
• Rotor power losses;
• Power control;
• Generator concepts and grid interaction;
• Loads;
• Mechanical design and components of a wind turbine;
• Calculation of energy yield;
• Economics;
• Wind farms, wakes and wind farm efficiency;
• Environmental effects;
• Unconventional converters;
• Prepared discussion about social and political aspects;
• Use of wind farm calculation software WindPro




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