3.90.001 Forced Migration - Gendered Perspectives in Theory and Praxis


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Module: ph060 – Forced Migration – Gendered Perspectives in Theory and Praxis

Module description
This module covers the essential knowledge of Forced Migration and provides an understanding of the causes and consequences of forced migration. The module examines also the various responses of governmental and non-governmental organizations to forced migration and its wider political contexts and its implication on both receiving and sending societies.
The module draws on interdisciplinary and participative approach to the study of forced migration. It combines the best of academic scholarship on forced migration with a participatory method of learning and experience sharing. It aims to enable students to develop skills on the subject that are basic for either further studies or for developing a career in this field.

Module structure

By the end of module, students have to complete 56 hours in order to achieve a total of 6KP. The 56 hours of the module are divided as follows:

• Seminar: Forced Migration – Gendered Perspectives in Theory and Praxis (Saba Al Kuntar) including guests’ lectures, conference activity and one field visit. (28 hours)
• Workshop 1: Art-based research in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement. The role of Art-based research in refugees' camp in Uganda (Carlos Felipe Morgado) (7 hours)
• Tutorial 1: Academic English writing / Presenting in English () (14 hours)
• Tutorial 2: Gender und Flucht: Initiativen - Selbstorganisationen - Institutionen ( 14 hours)
• Conference: Gender- Politics- Migration Studies 9th of June( 7 hours)

Module assignments
1. Seminar
a. Reading, attendance and active participation
b. Assignment: 20-minute presentation in a seminar in English language, your presentation should briefly summarize on a selected topic, or 10-page paper written in German about a relevant topic, or briefly report on the Film Series: Migration in Cinema.
2. Workshops / Tutorials
a. Reading, attendance and active participation as required by the guest scholars




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