3.02.700 S Beginning Language Learners


  • Donnerstag: 18:00 - 20:00, wöchentlich


This is a course for students who are NOT studying English. It is designed to give future primary-level teachers (Grundschule) some basic knowledge about teaching English at the primary level. Currently in Lower Saxony, pupils have 2 hours of English per week in grades 3 and 4. The State rules and regulations call for teaching in English, and for oral communication to be much more important than written communication. As a result, teaching strategies at the primary level need to be very different than those commonly used in later grades.
The course will take place primarily in English (see note below).

=>Course requirements:

active participation and portfolio

1)active participation: you will be expected to do the homework assignments and required readings and to take part in class discussions. If you are absent for more than a three of the class meetings, you will need to contact the instructor about making up the work you missed.

2)Portfolio part 1: Short (4 to max. 7 minutes per person) presentation in English* on one of the topics listed on the Stud.IP pages for this course under “Short Presentation Topics” with a ca. 2-page written discussion (What was I trying to do? What did I accomplish? Sources.)

3) Portfolio part 2: Present (10 to max. 15 minutes per person) part of a lesson and hand in a written lesson plan outline and a discussion of the lesson plan and the presentation, altogether ca. 3-6 p. All of this should be in English*. (Important information: What level is the class and what are their strengths and weaknesses? What are the overall goals of the lesson? Did you feel that you communicated your plans effectively to the class? After the presentation and class discussion, did you feel that your plan would work well? Any major changes you would want to make? …Sources.)

* Please note: The English you use in this class does not need to be academic or sound impressive – your goal is to communicate what you want to say to your classmates. Thus your English can be very simple and basic, as long as it works. So please keep this in mind, and try to relax – it will be O.K.



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