3.02.102 Ü Spoken English: Famous Speeches in British and Irish History and Culture


  • Freitag: 08:00 - 10:00, wöchentlich


‘The nature of oratory is such that there has always been a tendency among politicians and clergymen to oversimplify complex matters. From a pulpit or a platform even the most conscientious of speakers finds it very difficult to tell the whole truth.’ Aldous Huxley

This course provides you with an introduction to some of the most well-known speakers and speeches in Irish and British history, from Elizabeth I to Robert Emmet; from Mohandas Gandhi to Emmeline Pankhurst, as well as to more recent speeches and contemporary figures such as the Irish celebrity drag queen Pandora Panti Bliss. As well as developing your knowledge of British and Irish historical figures, the course will deepen your understanding of public address as a rhetorical art, familiarise you with standards and approaches to the analysis of speeches, and enhance your ability to analyse and evaluate discourse.


This course forms one half of the compulsory module ang311: Integrated Language Skills. The module is assessed via a portfolio.

The assessment requirement for this Spoken English course is a 15-20 minute oral language test at the end of the semester, with the grade to be added to the result from Written English. In-class presentations will count towards active participation and will provide students with valuable language feedback.



  • ang311 Advanced Language Skills


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