Sport Suitability Test

General Information

For the enrollment in Sport Science in the Bachelor programme (even higher semester) proof of successful participation in sport suitability test is required. This is a practical examination in the areas of individual and team sports as well as an endurance run.

The next Sport Suitability Test will take place on 20. And 21. June 2014.

Admission to the Test

For your registration please use the corresponding forms (see downloads on the right).

Registration period: 18 March until 2 May (postal receipt).
(Please do not send your registration by mail or fax!)

Applying for a study place is done via the Admission Office and is independent of the application to the sport suitability test. No certificates or equivalent documents are required for the sports suitability test. These documents must be submitted exclusively to the Admissions Office.
Please note that you will receive the confirmation of receipt of your application, including information about the sport suitability test, by e-mail.

Recognition of other Proficiency Tests

Only equivalent qualification tests are recognized, which were done in practice (without the recognition of replacement certificates such as the Sports Badge or high school grades).

Proof of practical participation must be provided.

If you would like to make use of the suitability test at another university; or you have rendered performances in sport studies that you wish to have credited for the aptitude test in Oldenburg, please send certified copies of certificates to the Institute of Sport Science.
In case of recognition you will receive notice.

In Oldenburg we recognize the sport suitability test of the Sport University Cologne and the University of Bochum, and the central aptitude test from Bavaria (more suitability tests on request).
The German Sports Badge does not exempt from testing parts of the suitability test.
The badge DLRG (bronze, silver or gold) does not exempt from the examination part ‘swimming’.
High School grades do not lead to the exemption of the suitability test.



Procedure of the Examination

Participants will receive information about the procedure of the examination by mail.

Preparation Course

Information about a preparation course will be posted on this page.

The course starts approximately six weeks before the exam, dates will follow.


Questions about the sport suitability test please direct to Björn Staas.




Chair of the Examination Board

Chair: Björn Staas

Delegate: Sven Schmidt-Seidel


  • PDF-Dokument <media 85468 - - "TEXT, Anmeldung Sporteignungsprüfung 2014, Anmeldung_Sporteignungspruefung_2014.pdf, 10.9 KB">Anmeldung</media> / registration (G)
    (Anlage 2)


There are some videos available for download on the exams for apparatus gymnastics and dance:

Boden / floor (camera perspective 1)
Boden / floor (camera perspective 2)
Boden / floor (camera perspective 3)
Reck / bar (women)
Reck / bar (men)
Dance (being revised)


  • The results of the evaluation for the sport suitability test 2013 are ready for download:
    PDF-Dokument Evaluation 2013
  • The admission regulation remains the same for the examination year 2014 (see above under downloads).