Molecular basis of sensory biology

Kickoff and Fare Well Meeting 2016

02.-04.102016 at the HWK Delmenhorst

Meeting for all members of the RTG Sensorybio

- Exchange of information

- New ideas

- Getting to know each other

Invited Speaker: U.B. Kaupp (Forschungszentrum Caesar, Bonn)

                         R. Seifert (Medizinische Hochschule Hannover)

                         E.M. Neuhaus (Universitätsklinikum Jena)





Kick-Off Meeting 2013

Scientific Kick-Off Meeting of the RTG "Molecular Basis of Sensory Biology" (DFG-GK  1885)



Welcome –Speaker of the RTG Prof. KW Koch & Prof. H. Mouritsen


Keynote-Lecture: Prof. Dr. P. Hore (Oxford)
Animal navigation using magnetically sensitive chemistry


Coffee Break


Project Presentation of PhD students


J. Leyk: Stress responses and cell death mechanisms leading to sensory dysfunction


A. Einwich: The role of cryptochromes in magnetoreception


S. Sulmann: Conformational changes in multiprotein complexes operating in sensory transduction


M. Trinkler: “Aromatoleum aromaticum”: Sensory distinction of structurally similar aromatic compounds


J. Robin: Ultrafast Dynamics of Molecular Mechanisms in Sensory Systems


J. Segelken: Modulation of electrical synapses: involvement of phosphorylation systems and scaffolding proteins in connexin-turnover and trafficking in horizontal cell networks of the vertebrate retina 




Lecture Daniele Dell´Orco (Verona)
Changing paradigms in the sensory world


RTG Organization: Finances, Lecture Series, Summer School


Fare well Coffee