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University´s mobility programme - "Mobilitätszuschuss"

In brief

The university supports study stays in foreign countries with the so called Mobilitätszuschuss. The funding has to be used for additional expenditures as part of a study-relateted stay abroad. The organization is located at the office of the Dean of Studies (faculty V). Enrolled Bachelor- and Master-Students of all faculties are welcome to apply. Guest auditors and doctoral students are excluded.

The promotion is 500 € in total and will be paid in two months (250 € per month) after the transmittal of the corresponding documents (invoices). Only one application per stay is allowed. The Mobilitätszuschuss is offered two times a year, for each academic term (Sommersemester/ Wintersemester); The application deadlines are set in march and September, respectively.


Internships, study courses and semesters, or other occupations of academic relevance which are realized at universities or other institutions in foreign countries are promotable.

The duration of the stay has to be at least 2 weeks. Stays longer than four weeks will be treated with preference. The stay has to begin or end in the semester which the student is applying for (summer/ winter term, deadlines as stated above!). Detailed information on this can be found in the applicable regulations (see right side).

We especially recommend to apply for this program if your project cannot be promoted by other support programs (for example, if the duration of your stay is too short to be promoted by ERASMUS; if the country/ institution of choice cannot be supported by other programs).


Applicants have to check wether the Mobilitätszuschuss can be combined with other, already agreed support programs or not. For example, a promotion by the „Fernweh-Grant“ and the Mobilitätszuschuss is restricted, whereas a promotion by “PROMOS” and the Mobilitätsstipendium is possible.

A support by “Auslands-BaföG“ is also possible, because the maximal additional funding (300 €/ month) is not exceeded.

Selection procedure

The selection of candidates is done via a points system. Different categories are seen as important, which is expressed by the distribution of points. Categories are, for example the relevance of the stay (mandatory stays are more important), the duration, the distance, the grades (average grade according to your transcript of records and the ECTS-statistics of your study course), and voluntary work of the applicant. Also family commitments will be taken into account. Special importance is put on the average grade, the relevance and the duration of the planned stay abroad (these categories have more weight in the points system). Detailed statements to the procedure can be found in the applicable regulations (see right side, the document includes the set of criteria).

A student commission does the selection of potential scholarship holders. In case of a draw among two applications, the relevance of the stay is considered positive. Also the circumstances named in the application form are considered in the decision, if the requested certifications are attached.

The commission will inform the applicants about its decisions as soon as possible.




Students can apply for stays beginning in the summer term 2017 until the 15th of march 2017 by a new plugin in Stud. IP. Please check the new register card "Mobilitätszuschuss" in your Stud. IP account.

You have to upload the following documents
•    Confirmation of enrollment at CvO-university
•    Written confirmation of your planned stay (e.g. Acceptance letter, contract, certificates, confirmation of enrollment)
•    Transcript of records („Notenspiegel“, available at the Prüfungsamt)
•    Requested certificates for all the information given in the application form (volunteering work, etc.)

For additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via E-Mail (see right side).
A recourse to the courts is not permitted.

We would be pleased to hear from you!

Per order, Ingrid Jonetzko



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