V. School of Mathematics and Science

Request an HPC-Account

If you want to use the HPC cluster, you need to have an university account (e.g. abcd1234) and the account needs to be part of a cluster group. Cluster groups are basically the work groups which are using the cluster. (You can find a list and other informations about that here: Unix groups) Until now we were using a form on the home page of the scientific computing were you could request an HPC account. This process is now automated and you are able to join a group on your own. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • visit the ServiceDesk
  • click on "Self Service Portal verwenden" ("Use the Self Service Portal")
  • after a succesfull login, click on "IT-Services" > "Wissenschaftliches Rechnen" ("Scientific Computing"). There you will find a button named "Zugang zum Cluster beantragen" ("Request Access to the Cluster")
  • after clicking on the button, you will be directly forwarded to the clustergroup selection
  • on the bottom, you can choose the cluster group you want to join
  • choose one and submit your choice by clicking on "Übernehmen" ("Submit"). If your desired group isnt listed, please contact the HPC support.


An administrator will then check, and most likely confirm your request. After that you will be able to use your university account for logging into the cluster.

Note: If you accidentally joined the wrong group or if you simply want to switch to a other group, you follow the steps described above too.