V. School of Mathematics and Science

Introduction HPC

Members of the University Oldenburg have access to a central high-performance compute (HPC) cluster, which is maintained and operated by IT services. The technical specifications of the current HPC system can be found under HPC facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I would like to use the HPC Cluster, whom should I contact?
    In order to use the HPC cluster you have to request an account, which typically is ready to use in 1-2 days.
  2. I have an account, what should I do next?
    The first you should do is to read the documentation in the HPC Wiki, that answers many questions about the usuage of the cluster.
  3. Where can I get additional information?
    You are more than welcome to contact Scientific Computing, alternatively your colleagues may be able to help you as well. There is also a course "Introduction to HPC" which is offered regularly.
  4. Which applications are available on the HPC cluster?
    There is a long list which is displayed on the cluster by the command "module available". Alterntively, the Wiki will also give an overview.
  5. My favourite application is not installed on the cluster, what now?
    Please contact scientific computing in this case.