The School's major competitive strengths are:
a humanistic and social scientific training offer in different fields and a teacher training programme for all school types. It enjoys an excellent reputation, regionally and nationally. The School has developed attractive and popular courses of study; all of them have been positively evaluated and accredited.

Collaborations and partnerships with international universities offer students many and various possibilities of staying or studying abroad.
The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers following study programmes:

I. Double-Major Bachelor (two fields of study)

  1. Theology and Religious Education
  2. History
  3. Philosophy/Values and Norms
  4. Sport Science

II. Master of Education

III. Master of Arts Bild

  1. Ecumenical Studies and Religions
  2. European History
  3. Philosophy
  4. Sport and Lifestyle

IV. Interdisciplinary Study Programmes

  1. B.A. Gender Studies Bild
  2. M.A. Germany-East Europe: Cultural Contacts in Past and Present Bild
  3. M.A. Cultural Analysis: Representation, Performativity, Gender Bild
  4. M.A. Museum and Exhibition Studies Bild

V. Promotion and Interdisciplinary PhD. Programmes

Students with a "Master" or "Magister" degree can be admitted to a PhD. programme (Dr. phil, Dr. rer. nat).

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is also involved in two interdisciplinary PhD. programmes:

  1. Research on Didactics of Teaching and Learning - Didactic Reconstruction Bild
  2. Cultural Scientific Gender Studies Bild