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Welcome to the website of the speech and music lab of Faculty III-Linguistics and cultural studies Faculty III-Linguistics and cultural studies!

Library Resources at the Lab

The lab (room A6-2-201) offers a special collection of scientific books on psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics and language acquisition that can also be borrowed. In case you are interested in one of these books, please contact hendrikje.u.ziemann@uni-oldenburg.de. Before borrowing materials make sure to fill in the special form that comes with each book.

NEWS: Look at EEG and Eye-Tracking videos of experiments in our lab!

NEWS: Support with empirical research

Students at Faculty III who are involved in statistical-empirical work (e.g., GHR 300, FEP etc.), especially (but not exclusively) those in the field of didactics (Didactics of German Language, Literature Didactics, Second Language Teaching Methodology) or in the field of linguistics (German Studies, Dutch Studies, English and American Studies, and Slavic Studies) have the possibility of getting statistical-empirical support with their work in every phase of their research. For further information, please check this website: Support with empirical research.


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Building A6
Rooms 2-201 and 2-202